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Botswana Bound

Rarely can people combine their two passions and make it their life. David Radford has done just that in Botswana Bound. You have the rare opportunity to follow David on his journey from New Brunswick to Botswana as he tries to land a job as a bush pilot on a five-star game reserve in Botswana, Africa. Visually stunning and entertaining.

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Going to Galway

Galway is a medieval town on the west coast of Ireland. The city and its surrounding area are steeped in ancient tradition and history. As well as roughly three pubs for every person in town which makes for an amazing night life. Watch this visual journey of Galway, and the people and places that make it the 'California of Ireland'.

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Helping Haiti

We've all read the headlines. Many have come forward with their time and money to help send relief. Others have raised the money themselves, bought the supplies and carried them personally to Haiti and stayed to administer health care. Follow one such emotional journey as New Brunswick nurse Jodie Brown-McNamara travels to Haiti in NBers Abroad's Helping Haiti.

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43 Days In Africa

There are times in anyone's life when they set out to try and change something. But in the end, they are changed. Follow the journey of two young women as they set out to the continent of Africa. See stunning original HD footage of game reserves, and African landscapes. And see how volunteering to help those left behind at orphanages can change your life forever. Enjoy 43 Days in Africa.

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Uncovering Norway

Norway's music scene has come a long way since the days of a-ha.  This series will take you on a fascinating journey via an in depth look at the burgeoning music scene in Norway, with a focus on metal.  Hosted by a Canadian expatriate with a zest for life abroad, there is no shortage of culture and entertainment!


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Love to travel? This channel features shows from our fellow New Brunswickers who travel abroad. We get to see what it's like to live in a different country and learn all about new cultures!

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